Songahm Star

The most visible of all Songahm Taekwondo symbols is perhaps the Songahm Star. This symbol within itself summarizes the essence of the philosophy behind Songahm Taekwondo. This star with eight outer points and one center point (equalling nine) is more than just a logo for the Songahm Style. Grand Master H.U. Lee began concepts of the Songahm Star by entertaining the thought of the parallelism between life and Taekwondo forms.

In philosophy pertaining to life, the father of Songahm Taekwondo, Grand Master H.U. Lee describes the Songahm Star created by poome-sae (form) as being an example of a day in the life of a person.

Life has a center point. Everything on Earth has a center point. This is where we obtain our balance. An example would be the center point of the human being is the here: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The completed poome-sae (forms), form a star with a center point and eight outer points (which create a circle if connected). This circle is the circle of life.

Each day we live completes a circle; we rise in the morning from our place of rest; then, we go through the day accomplishing our goals and overcoming obstacles that life puts in our way; and, when evening comes, we return to our place of rest. We constantly try to improve this circle. We go to work or we go to school. Why?

Because this is the way we complete the best circle. We try to have the best life. Study gives us knowledge that we can apply to make a living. The job is the resource we use to make that living. Diligent study and a good job results in a good pattern or "poome-sae" in our life. "Not only is the circle seen in day to day activity, but also in our entire life. We come from the dust of the Earth. During the span between birth and death, we move through our life setting and accomplishing goals. This is the reason all poome-sae (forms) begin and end at the same spot", says the Grand Master.

He continues, "As we complete each poome-sae, we must imagine yourself as drawing a circle freehand. No one can draw it perfect the first time. We just try to close the circle and then we adjust and refine it to make it perfect. It is the same way we must face life. We're not going to make it perfect. However, we can strive to correct the flaws as we move along. We must complete the circle, the 'Winner's Circle'".  If a student is not aware of the place to begin or end the poome-sae, nor has a plan of action to get through the process, how can the student achieve the desired result? The same is true for success in life. Here are Grand Master H.U. Lee's words concerning this philosophy: "If a person does not know where to begin or end in life (setting goals) then that person will become confused when given a choice between two paths".


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