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"Prime Martial Arts truly has a "Golden" Team. Mr. Base and Miss Brinkley under the leadership of Mr. Jimmy Golden cannot be matched in their ability to teach Tae Kwon Do in a fun yet disciplined way. They both have a unique ability to relate to both kids and adults that inspires and motivates them to want to take the next step and capture that next goal. To them no goal is too small whether it's achieving the next belt, mastering a weapons move, self defense skill, or form. Maybe it's even more basic such as simply learning to stop, listen, and follow directions. 

Everyone at Prime Martial Arts,  Mr. Jimmy Golden, Mr. C. Golden, Mr. Base, Miss Brinkley or any number of the wonderful Team Prime student volunteers, wants to keep kids safe, teach quality martials arts to both kids and adults, and promote a "can do" atmosphere that gives all who participate strength, courage, and determination to be more then even they thought they could be."


- Steph Lock


I enrolled my son at ATA when he was 4 years old. He had expressed interest in martial arts, but more than anything, my hope for him was to improve self-confidence. At that age, he was super shy, would not answer questions or speak out in a group setting. He was hesitant to participate in group activities and was unsure about trying new things. Five years later, he has earned his 1st Degree Black Belt, won several state titles, competed all over the United States and participated on the Prime demo team. But what stands out more than any of these accomplishments is the confidence he has gained in himself and how much his self-esteem has improved. He is a different child, he is one of the first to volunteer to answer a question or demonstrate a move, he loves to get out in front of others to compete and preform, he loves going to class and enjoys sharing what he has learned with other students. He has learned many life skills throughout the process- to persevere when things are challenging, to win with grace and lose with grace, outstanding sportsmanship, integrity, and respect for others. He has made life long friends not only at Prime but from all over the world. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and support of all of his instructors, especially Mr. Golden who believed in him when he did not believe in himself, who has encouraged and reached him when others were not able. My son's goal is to become a World Champion and when he is older, a Taekwondo instructor.  Ryley asked me for a long time to take classes with him. I joined and also earned my 1st Degree Black Belt. What an awesome activity for us to be able to do together, to take classes together, motivate one another, be able to help each other on the material we are learning and support one another. I feel so blessed to have Prime as such a huge part of our life!!!


- Erica Wheat 




"Our family chose Prime Martial Arts not only because of it's reputation as a great school, but also because of the focus on life skills. Since our daughter started at Prime we have noticed a great improvement in her self confidence, discipline, and goal setting skills. The well trained instructors teach what is important yet incorporate fun games at the end of class. We feel better knowing that she is getting an education that will keep her safe. We would recommend Prime Martial Arts to anyone who is wanting a well-balanced martial arts education."


- Jarod & Jodi Lewis

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